Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. A day we set aside to remember the sacrifice of those who have fought for our country through time and around the world. Last year I took the kid to the War Memorial to see the official ceremony and it was too much for us. I took the stroller, which was probably a bad idea considering the crowd, it was cold and she wouldn’t keep her mittens on. We stayed for a while, paid our respects, and then slowly made our way out of the crowd.

This year we will be at home, watching the ceremony on television – or at least part of it. I need to instill in her the importance of thanking these men and women, and their families, for what they do for us. I need to demonstrate to her that Canada is a great country and we are very lucky to live here, and that there has been a cost.

Supporting our troops does not mean supporting war. One of the things our troops fight for is our right to live as we wish, to protest what we don’t like, to make our voices heard in democratic elections and in peaceful gatherings. People around the world are fighting for the right to what we have, we’ve been watching them over the past year. Amazing things have been happening and our Canadian troops have been on the ground, fighting with those people for the basic rights we believe in.

I will watch the Remembrance Day ceremony with my daughter and try to instill in her a respect for these men and women who choose to risk their lives for us and for others. I will teach her to cry for those we have lost, to remember, always, that Canada is a very special place. History is important to the future, and she is our future.

Lest we forget.

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