My daughter likes playing with cars. She gets excited when she sees buses and trucks while we’re driving. She drove every vehicle she could climb into when we visited the Museum of Science and Technology and the Children’s Museum.

Her grandmother asked me recently what the kid might like for Christmas. We’ve already talked with her other grandparents about finding her a helmet or skates for her skating lessons, so when my mother posed the question I had to thinkĀ for a bit. Then I remembered her joy at sitting at steering wheels and I said maybe she would like the kind of toy that she could steer. She’s already got a couple of small cars (and a zamboni) that she can push around on the floor, but do they still make those toys that look like a car’s dash, with a steering wheel and horn?

I went to the Toys ‘R’ Us web site to take a look and see what I could find, and what I found was a link to ‘Vehicles and Radio Control’ under the category Boys’ Toys.

So I guess my daughter is wrong.

I should really be studying the Dolls and ‘Kitchen and Household playsets’ under Girls’ Toys.

I have ranted about these things before, but is it really necessary to sort these toys into those categories? Toys are toys, simple as that.

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