I got a link on Facebook to a Babble feature ‘That Very First Photo‘ where contributor Monica Bielanko is collecting the first photos of mothers and their new babies. It got me thinking about that experience and what I remember and what I don’t.

Maggie was born and whisked away because her heart rate had been dipping and the cord was around her neck – which they didn’t tell us they had suspected until afterwards. They also didn’t let her cry right away because there had been meconium in the fluid and they wanted to clear mouth out before they let her breath in. The doctor apparently explained this, but I didn’t hear him, I was too busy trying to get over the fact that I had just pushed a baby out and survived. She was here finally. We got to meet her finally.

My first photo with Maggie is a bit awkward. I was flat on my back, pretty well unable to move because of tubes and the epidural. They laid her on my chest and I tried to look at her but the angle was off. It was uncomfortable.

Once I got to sit up, and once the majority of the medical team (two nurses, the OB and his two students, two post-natal people and the two midwives) left, it was easier to really look at her and take it all in.

And this picture, this picture to me says “Huh, so you’re the once who’s been kicking me for months.”

But this picture, this picture says one thing when I look at it:

Instant Daddy.

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