We are creating a monster.

Before the kid was born, Joe and I joked about her being an Olympic goalie, about her loving hockey and playing hockey and being a die hard Senators’ fan.

She came home from the hospital in a Senators’ sleeper. She watched the Olympics with us when she was just over a month old. Her Daddy used to watch SportsCentre when she woke him up in the early hours. She has been well exposed to the game, but as she got older and got a regular bedtime she couldn’t watch the hockey with Daddy any more. We took her to a couple of games last year and we’ve been to two so far this year, plus an open practice.

She’s not even two and I never expected this.

We drive past Scotiabank Place and she starts: “Hockey! Hockey!”

She sees a picture of a hockey player or a logo somewhere and she says “hockey!”

She looked at my laptop, saw the NHL logo and said “oh, hockey!”

And one day we went over to a friend’s house for a barbecue and she picked up a plastic hockey stick in their yard and she started stickhandling. Her Daddy was very excited.

We will not push out daughter into anything. She will find her own passions, but right now reading seems to be one and hockey seems to be another, and I am okay with that because those are things that will benefit her and that we can enjoy with her. I had no idea that hockey fanaticism was genetic.

She starts skating lessons in January.

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