Mr. Dressup was my favourite show as a kid. My mom actually put me in afternoon kindergarten because she knew there would be hell to pay if I missed the show, which was on in the morning. Mr. Dressup would draw and tell stories and he would dress up in costumes and act out those stories.

I never had a tickle trunk, but my sister and I did have a costume basket. It was a big wicker basket full of old clothes, costume pieces, my mother’s old glasses. It was great. When we wanted to play dress up or pretend we just had to pull a bunch of things out of the costume basket and create.

Last week Joe and I went to a costume ball wedding (Congratulations again, Shawn and Ian). While trying to get dressed for the wedding, where black and white was preferred and masks were mandatory, I ended up buying a cheap white costume dress, a mask with feather and long black gloves.

When the kid kept asking to put on the dress and try on the gloves I remembered my costume basket and decided that I really ought to start one for her. Now I need to decide what goes in it. I’ve got my dress, my gloves, my mask. She’s got a fireman’s hat that we got at a Sens appreciation night. We were at Michael’s and I saw some cute ‘hats’ made out of foam – a little tiara, a reindeer that I’m totallu going back to buy for her because it was too cute not to.

I’m sure I have clothes that I don’t wear any more that I can put in there, and some fabric from old sheets that we could turn into capes.

What do you kids use to play dress-up?

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