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October 5th, 2011 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting | Personal

When I was pregnant, the idea of giving birth didn’t really scare me. Women have been doing it forever, and this baby was going to come out no matter what I thought of the whole thing.

I had watched birth on TV – the pretty TLC births and the slightly more graphic British shows on Discovery Health. I knew it was a natural process, and we had gone to a prenatal class and I had learned techniques for getting through contractions. Unlike one of the women in our class I wasn’t at all surprised by how the process works.

I’ve been thinking about my birth experience because of a local woman who has decided to broadcast her birth online to show other women they don’t have to be scared, they can get through it, their bodies are made for this.

People have shared various opinions about this woman and her choice and I’ve been following along with interest, just to hear what people have to say. I think the fact is that people are ‘grossed out’ by the idea of birth. People are upset because they say this should be a private experience, but this woman has two children, she knows what she’s going to be going through and she wants to share it. Many women feel a desire to have their whole families with them when they give birth, and I am a firm believer that a woman giving birth should be granted whatever makes her feel comfortable.

The thing that has bothered me the most about this whole ‘debate’ is that people are reacting strongly with shock or disgust or even hatred.

She’s not actually forcing you to watch.

She’s providing a service for people who want to learn, who want to see reality, maybe even people who are just curious. There is nothing wrong with what she’s doing because in reality she’s doing this for herself. She wants to share this with those who are interested and everyone else can just not click the link.

If anything, I’m impressed by her. Birth is a lot of things, but it’s not pretty and it’s not quiet. (Apparently during my birth I said swear words Joe didn’t even know I knew). It’s quite courageous to put yourself all the way out there at some of your most vulnerable moments.

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