I am efficient. I get things done quickly and I consider this a skill.

When I was in high I was always the first to finish exams. You had to stay in the room for the first hour and there were times when I re-read my exam a few times just because I had the time to. My marks varied, but overall I did pretty well.

I have great legs. I really do. My grandmother used to tell me this. She was very proud that my sister and I were so tall like she had been. I need to watch my posture so I can stand tall and show off my legs into old age.

I am a good mom.

I am a good writer. I have been a writer for a long time and I love it. Without writing I wouldn’t be me.

I am a good employee. I am dedicated to my job and I do it well. Any job I have ever taken on I have done my absolute best at, and when I felt like I wasn’t doing my best I left.

I am smart. I was raised by smart people who taught me how to think about things critically. I take knowledge very seriously. I am smart enough to know that there are people smarter than me who can teach me things and there always will be. I plan on teaching my daughter to believe the same.

I am creative. I can write, I used to draw all the time, I can knit a sweater or a dress. I wish I had the imagination that I once had, and I wish I had time to get my sketchbooks out again,┬ábut I’m still pretty creative.

I am very good at jigsaw puzzles. I don’t have any on the go at the moment, because I don’t want the kid to eat my puzzle pieces, but I really love concentrating and figuring out where pieces go and finished large puzzles. My love of puzzles is also one reason for the talent I showed in newspaper layout, which was one of my favourite classes and resulted in me getting the job in which I met my husband.

I am a very good listener. I am a much better listener than talker. All my life people seem to have felt comfortable sharing things with me, and I appreciate it. I hope I say the right things in return.

On days when things seem hard and I question every decision I make, I must remember that I am pretty awesome. I am, you know.



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