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Dear Baby,

September 5th, 2011 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting

You are almost 20 months old, my dear, but I’m still baffled that you’re not 2 yet. I’ve been watching you in complete amazement lately. Every time you hear a new word you seem to pick it up and use it. You’re Daddy loves it when he asks you what a lion says and you say “ROOOAR.”

We have had some battles with you lately, little girl. When you and I flew to Regina we decided it was the right time to give up bottles cold turkey – and you are still unwilling to take more than a few sips of milk from any cup we offer you. When we got home we started a real bedtime routine and we put our foot down about it. You’ve been adjusting very well, actually. Daddy and I have been reminded how pleasant you can be when you sleep. You’ve even been napping at home. I can’t actually remember the last time it was unusual for you to not nap.

You have become very insistent about the things you want from us. You will stand in the hallway and say “C’MON! C’MON!” waiting for the puppy to join us on our way downstairs. When you’re ready to eat you pat my chair and tell me to “SIT” at the dining room table. This week you’ve also been grabbing our hands and pulling us out of our chairs demanding that we “DANCE.”

We’re going to have our work cut out for us making sure you don’t become the bossy kid or the mean kid. You are such a happy, friendly little girl, you make people smile, and I want to make sure you stay that way.

When we were in Regina you would dance in the common area of your grandmother’s seniors’ residence when the nice lady who shares your name played the piano after lunch. You had quite the audience there too.

I love sitting back and watching you, getting your hugs and kisses, hearing you sing to yourself. Your learning so quickly, growing so much. I almost can’t believe you’re the same little baby I brought home from the hospital. I look at pictures from just a few months ago and you hardly look the same.

People told me I would miss the baby stage, and I loved cuddling you then, and how easy it was to take you places, you would nap anywhere, you couldn’t run away from me or demand to be let out of your stroller. Now you point at the ground and say “WALK,” you take your shoes off in the middle of the mall, you thrown tantrums over the smallest things depending on your mood that day, overall you’re a pretty great kid and I love watching your mind work these days.

You’re a toddler working on being a kid and I’m glad I’m along for the journey.

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