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August 17th, 2011 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

Following along with Project Priceless and watching wedding shows on TV has got me thinking about our wedding.

Our wedding was nothing more or less than us. There were things that were not perfectly perfect and certainly not traditional or conventional, but it all came together to be us.

Jordan asked on Twitter this week what stressed people out the most in the week leading up to the wedding. My answer was the weather, though I think there was more stress than just the fear of rain. I remember having dinner with my family two nights before and then having my mother and my sister back to our house to make my bouquets. I remember rushing around on rehearsal day to pick up the suits and going to our rehearsal and wanting to just get married right there. The weather was beautiful, our close family was there, it would have been so easy. Joe said no.

We woke up to a cool day and rain was threatening our outdoor ceremony, but Joe dropped me off at my Mom’s where all the girls were meeting to go and get our hair and makeup done. We went back, got dressed and waited for the word that we were ready to go.

The best thing about the morning of the wedding was that Joe and I were talking the whole morning. We were on the phone to each other making sure everything was going well. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I lean on him, so how could I have not called that morning?

We had made the decision not to include Henry in the wedding, but he will always be in my memory of that day, because as we were leaving to go to the ceremony my mother opened the front door and away he went. In my wedding dress, hair done and make up done, I chased my dog down the street through puddles and carried him back to the house.

The things that stick in my mind about the wedding and the reception are our vows, our cake – a hockey rink made up of four cakes (lemon, carrot, chocolate and vanilla) with cake toppers handmade by my maid of honour so that they would be facing off at the centre – our play-by-play and colour announcers at the DJ booth, the first dance that seemed to take forever, and just being happy that finally we were married, because that had seemed like what was supposed to happen for so long.

I will never ask you to be more than who you are because that’s who I fell in love with.

I promise to be the rubber of backs, the giver of hugs.

I will be the Bert to your Ernie, the Ernie to your Bert.

I will fight for this marriage every day that it falters and not take it for granted when things are good.

I will love, honour, support and be faithful to you.

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