This morning Joe and I both had a moment. This morning we both looked at our baby and saw a real kid. She’s 19 months old now but I can’t help but to keep thinking she’s already 2. She’s very big for her age, always has been at least 100% on the height and weight charts. She stands a head above some kids months older than she is.

She’s picking up new words every day. Every day she surprises us a little bit. 

She loves to dance, she loves to run around, she loves to laugh.

She hates to sleep.

My mother reminds me that she takes after me. I have always been a bad sleeper – it’s hard to wind down at the end of the day, it’s hard to turn off. She takes a long time to go to sleep and she wakes up early and doesn’t want to lie down again.

So we struggle, we have nights of little to no sleep, we fight with her, we give up, we start over.

This morning we both took a moment to realize that this is our little girl, growing up. She’s healthy, active, beautiful and smart. She brings joy to us, our families and our friends. She’s wonderful.

Even in the hard times we have to remember that she is wonderful and we get the opportunity to be part of her life.


I think Amy undersells both ends of the spectrum – the highs and the lows. I know for me this has easily been the most trying time with her. I think because she seems so much more grown up now I expect too much of her. In my sane moments I know how ludicrous it is to expect a toddler to be rational but when I’m in the midst of it I lose sight of that. She’s clearly a kid, why can’t she be more logical?

She’s smart enough to be manipulative but not smart enough to understand that’s what she’s doing.

But at the other end the high points are so incredibly high. Hearing her form a short sentence or watching her jump, bounce and run across the living room I can’t help but be struck at how cool it is to watch this person – my daughter – be so coordinated and energetic and blissful.

I love that she’s developing a personality – one that’s challenging but only because it’s so inquisitive and enthusiastic about things. It’s hard a lot but it’s pretty cool too.

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