Yesterday I went to the doctor and was put on stress leave. It didn’t surprise me, and it’s good and bad. I have been struggling lately, tired all the time, mood swings and anger that is not at all normal for me. I am not handling things as well as I need to be and I’m not at all sure why.

It feels like no matter what I do I wind up falling further and further behind. I’m not using my time well and every morning I wake up and I’m still exhausted.

The way I’m approaching this time off, I need some goals. At the end of this time I need to be placed to be doing things better:

  • I need to be in better shape. I need to work on the treadmill and maybe do some yoga or pilates. I need to be able to move my body better and not have it weighing me down.
  • I need to work out my wrist and make this carpel tunnel go away. First I need some to do some research about how to do that.
  • I need to clean and organize the house. We have too much stuff, and we certainly have too much stuff just lying around. I want to get rid of some it of and organize it and stop staring at it.
  • Finding new, easier ways to do things
  • Organizing our budget and start filling our jars

Come September I have to be on my game, I have to have systems that I can maintain and be able to easily fall back on, I have to feel healthier.

I’m counting on my community around me to give me their best advice. I’ve got blogs in my delicious bookmarks that will help me come up with better ways to do things, will help me prepare for the bad times (freezer meals, anyone?) and give me the strength and the inspiration, I’ve got a great Facebook group where people share their successes and gives each other support when it’s needed. I’ve got an end date and I’m ready to go.

I will also catch up on my sleep, spend time with my dog and enjoy my daughter.

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