For some reason I keep trying to sing that Stompin’ Tom song in my head and it keeps moving into the second period of the Hockey Song.


I love my country. I am a proud Canadian.

While there are things that are not so great about it all the time, and things that we’ve certainly done wrong in the past, the basics that we have here are pretty damn great. Hey, how about that free election we just held, or the right to protest we’ve been expressing, or the health care that became the centre of said election because pretty good is not good enough.

The thing that I love most about my country is the diversity – and I’m not just talking about all the different cultures that have come here to our mosaic. I’m talking more about the different cultures you find from province to province. And here in Ottawa you can meet people from all of those provinces (in my office alone we have Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, and those are just the people I can think of right now).

Thanks to my travels and people I’ve met I know that if you refer to electricity as hydro in Alberta they stare at you blankly, that a hoodie in Saskatchewan is a bunny hug, and that when two people from Newfoundland and Labrador have a conversation I’m not likely to understand any of it and that the Acadian accent is unlike any other.

I love our spellings.

I am very thankful that growing up in the nation’s capital and in my job I have been fortunate enough to be close to the action a lot of the time. I grew up with national museums a short walk away, I’ve seen great Canadian bands perform, I’ve been to NHL, CHL, CFL, and IIHF games, and I’ve had the opportunity to see world culture come here.

I work for our storied parliament and I got to be on the hill when the Prime Minister expressed his regret over the residential schools program, I’ve gotten the chance to be involved in two election campaigns, watching the process work, I have travelled to two coasts in my work.

This country is big – Really freaking big — So big that a lot of Canadians don’t even grasp how big – and I’ve seen a lot of it and lived a lot of it and I love every inch of it.

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