When our little one was very little, she was an excellent sleeper. She sleep for four or five hours at night, waking for a bottle and a change and then sleep until morning. She slept on a pretty clear schedule all day. She was easy.

Then she started to get bigger, and suddenly we were down to two naps a day, about two hours at a time, and I had to adjust. The nights she was teething were hard too, but we got through and we moved on.

Then we went down to one nap a day. Still around two hours, but made things harder because when she’s awake she’s always on the go. She started walking at 10 months and now she runs. She plays. She’s constant.

Right now she’s about to hit a year and a half, she’s always going, and she might have one nap a day. Seriously. If we get her at the right time she can sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, but it’s not every day, and definitely not at daycare. This was not great but okay when she was still sleeping from about 7 pm to 6 or 6:30 in the morning.

Now she’s not.

Now she screams when we try to put her to sleep. She yells no. She won’t take her bottle. She works herself into a frenzy when we leave the room. I go back in and her face is red, there’s snot and tears running down her face and she’s sweating. It can take two hours to put the kid to bed and then she either wakes in the night and we got through the same process (like from midnight to 2 am one night this week) or she wakes up early – like at 5 am today. It’s getting so bad that her daycare provider is even at her wits end – and this woman loves this child almost as much as we do and has about two dozen kids more experience.

Right now I don’t know whether to be worried. I’m fairly certain she’s teething, getting those two-year molars I’ve heard about from other moms, and maybe there’s some separation anxiety in there, and maybe she’s having bad dreams that she can’t tell us about. But at what point to we really need to worry that the kid is not getting enough sleep to develop properly?


Amy wrote this a few days before I went in and did my part of the draft. It’s amazing how a couple of nights of good solid sleep can change your perspective. She still puts up a bit of a fight going down but she’s sleeping better-ish. Still waking up earlier than we would like most days and she’s had a few middle-of-the-night freakouts but she’s mostly doing better now.

And it’s amazing what it does for her attitude (not to mention ours). She’s always a fairly pleasant kid but she goes from a mostly pleasant kid who whines quite a bit to an absolute doll who giggles and laughs and gives unexpected hugs and tickles.

Now to figure out how to make HER realize how much better she feels when she gets her rest.

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