I was listening to the new Simple Plan album the other day (Joe just cringed). I was in the kitchen, dealing with our buys from the farmer’s market and the kid was playing games on the iPad. Joe was taking a nap or I never would have put on my music like that. (There are a few bands we agree on, but he doesn’t like my taste to put it simply).

There is a song on the new Simple Plan album called This Song Saved My Life which, rather literally, talks about a song saving your life and it made me reminisce a bit. Through various stages of my life music has meant a lot to me, and as hard as it’s been I’ve tended to find one band that speaks to me and helps me through. It’s like the music finds me.

On my recent trip to Vancouver, I was exhausted, working long hours in a time zone that didn’t really give me a chance to talk to my baby girl, but I knew that I would have the opportunity to see Said the Whale play while I was there, and that made things a bit easier. (That link goes to my favourite song of theirs that I haven’t been able to stop listening to since I left Vancouver, by the way)

When I was working the campaign and getting frustrated with everything and everyone during those long hours in close quarters, the discovery of Adele‘s 21 on the shared drive made everything just a bit easier to deal with.

When the baby was brand new and I went to rock her during the night, I would play the Who’s Love Reign O’er Me and it was just right.

When I left Ottawa for Regina and didn’t know when I would be seeing Joe again, as we tried to find our footing, I cries every day. Every day there were hard tears and then Keane came to me. My mother took me to the mall to try and cheer me up and I walked into HMV and there they were on the video screen. I swear the every song on Under the Iron Sea spoke directly to me at that time in my life.

Simple Plan was the band I started listening to when I gave up my job, my own apartment, my own car and moved back in with my mother to start university at 23. I don’t know why Simple Plan, but it was right around that time that Still Not Getting Any came out and there was just something about it that made me want to listen over, and over, and over. (Also led to me being an official Charlatan photographer at Bluesfest that year and getting to see them and take some pretty good pictures)

When I was in love, building towards engagement with Joe, I started listening to Jason Mraz, and years before it was released as a single and started being played everywhere, I walked down the aisle to I’m Yours. (When I played Lucky for Joe for the first time, he said Jason Mraz has to stop writing songs about us). We danced our first dance to Ben Folds’ The Luckiest, a song Joe had told me in the first sparks of our relationship made him think of me. It suited me.

When I was a kid entering high school, it was all about the Beatles. When I think of my best friend, it was us and the juke box at the pool place and Abba’s Dancing Queen – we were the only girls in the place, and the youngest people there and we would take control of that juke box.

There is no thinking of my youth without music – music that somehow makes memories brighter: Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, Alanis, Sloan (20 years?!) – the Canadian pride that music in the 90s brings out.

Going even further back, I don’t think I will ever, ever forget the lyrics to Bust a Move – or stop wondering why your best friend’s brother would ask you to be his best man.

Oh, and hey, check out the guy to the far right of the stage here playing bass. Music will definitely always be part of our lives.

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