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Team Joeplug

June 13th, 2011 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting

Joe and I first met at the Carleton University student paper, The Charlatan when he was editor-in-chief and I was applying for the job of Production Manager. He had blue hair and was doing his ‘victory lap’ – completing a few courses after already having finished his degree. I was 23 and was going back to school to get my degree after deciding I wasn’t cut out for journalism.

We became friends as the two people left every Wednesday to put the final touches on the paper. The advertising manager started making jokes about us getting married.

One night, everything went wrong. The computers were breaking down, the paper didn’t get out until after 4 am and I got a phone call around 8 am that something else was wrong. I called Joe, we agreed to meet at the office right away. I had slept two hours, he hadn’t slept at all. To top that off, it was speech night prior to the elections for the next year’s staff, which meant staying in the office at listening to speeches until the early hours of Friday morning. Then I drove with Joe to drop off two friends at the airport, before having breakfast and going computer shopping to replace what was broken.

All in all we spent a whole lot of sleepless hours together and didn’t feel like killing each other.

By the last week of production we were getting very close, and when I invited Joe over to my house to watch movies we kissed for the first time. That was the end of March 2005.

In August we moved in together, that December we got our puppy, Henry the Schnauzer. We got engaged in July 2006 and married in October 2007.

There have been ups and downs, ins and outs, highs and lows, but in January 2010 I gave birth to our darling daughter and we’re still going strong.

Joe dubbed us Team Joeplug as a tribute to my randomly assigned Charlatan nickname, Sparkplug. We’re a team, now a complete family, and we get through things together.


I usually joke that I realized Amy and I should be together after we spent 50 some odd hours straight together, with no sleep, and I didn’t want to stab her but I don’t think there was ever one definitive moment that made me realize she was the one.

We worked together through stressful situations and I think we both developed a deep sense of respect for one another as a result. And that respect is really the backbone of our relationship. Even when we argue or get pissy with each other, we’re careful to walk a line. I see and hear about couples that say the most vile things to one another and I can’t imagine saying things like that to Amy. Even when I’m angry with her I still love and respect her.

We’ve survived a lot of tough times together and I have no doubt that the strength of our bond was formed long before we were even dating. The passion we both felt for our work and the respect we forged for one another as a result still resonate today.

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