Last night I attended a Twitter party with Gail Vaz Oxlade (financial guru from Slice’s ‘Til Debt Do Us Part and Princess). I’ve watched both shows, and I love the absolute, take no nonsense style she has, and I try to listen to her advice because I do have high student debt and I have misused credit cards, and I’ve made mistakes that I want to correct before I pass the bad habits on to my kid.

I was looking forward to the Twitter party all day, and as the start approached I tweeted my first question for Gail, though I wasn’t really sure how the party was going to be working – usually a moderator asks questions and the tweeters answer, but this time there was a moderator and a guest.

As it turned out, three minutes before the party was set to start, Gail herself answered my question.

And I got teary. This woman who I have great respect for, who I’ve watched help so many people just like me, she was talking to me and telling me I can change. She’s right – I’m ready to change and I just need to suck it up, stop making excuses and DO IT.

I own Gail’s last book, Debt Free Forever, I know the advice she gives the people she talks to on TV (budget and then separate money into jars so you’re using cash instead of debit and credit, write everything down), and I like to think I have a certain amount of coming sense – I can just DO IT.

So I’ll be reminding myself, writing things down, using the resources on Gail’s website and joining her again at her Facebook party to learn more and maybe ask a few more questions.

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