The kid learned to walk about 6, almost 7 months ago. We weren’t surprised that she was an early walker – she’d been doing almost everything else early. She seemed keen to roll, crawl and walk quickly so she could get into as much stuff as possible.

Explore, I mean…

Also, cause trouble.

Before she could roll over she would just lie there and kick – in her playard, on her activity mat, all the time. Eventually she started to babble and kick. We weren’t surprised at all when she started crawling at 6 months, we saw it coming and we’d been waiting for the day.

She very quickly became a fast crawler – able to reach things she wasn’t supposed to before you realized what she was going for. When she started standing we knew we were in trouble.

Go ahead, tell me that’s not the look of someone trying to take over the world

At 10 months she started walking and she’s never looked back. She’s fearless. Hell, we even strapped skates on her and Joe took her around the rink next door and all she could do was laugh.

Last week I took her to the park behind our house and she climbed the play structure – up and down, around, down the slide, she could do it all by herself, I just stood back and remembered the first time I had taken her to the park and all she could do was sit in the sand.

This playdate was much more for me than it was for her

More than anything, I love watching her run. Just letting go of her hand as we walk across a field with the dog in tow and watching her little legs move as quickly as she can make them. The pleasure she gets out of just running through the grass, I can’t even explain. It’s beautiful and exciting and I never want her to lose it. Every day a part of me just wants to take her out and let her run.

*Yes the title of this post is a Kids in the Hall reference, yes I sing it to her (with altered lyrics) and I also sing it to the puppy. The Kids taught me a lot about the world that’s out there, the people who are part of that world, and how good men can look in dresses.

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