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June 1st, 2011 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

As I sit here, still not moving much, I have a lot of thinking to do.

Joe and I have debts, like most Canadian households. I carry student debt, credit card debt, we have our car loan.

I’ve always, always been really bad at delaying gratification. When there’s something I want and I start thinking about it, I have a hard time saying no to myself. This is something that I’ve known I need to change about myself, especially if I’m going to be good about saying no to the kid – who I want to make sure has none of the money issues that I’ve had (which sort of mirror my mother’s, actually).

Before my unfortunate whatever the hell I’ve done to my neck, I was getting back on track on the treadmill, pardon the pun. I miss it. I like testing myself – thinking I can’t make it through the two minute running interval and doing it makes me feel good about myself. Joe’s running and my treadmill work also make it more likely that we will be a summer family of trips to the dog park, bike rides – which I am convinced the kid will love in her trailer. Family time can replace mall time – except when she continues to outgrow all her clothes.

Free activities together can easily overtake shopping for more things that will take over our house and that I’ll regret buying.

The mall doesn’t need to be the place I go to waste some time.

And what can I do to remember this? Remind myself that right now, we are only about 5 years away from being debt free. My student loan is going down every month and paying it off finally seems possible, our car loan will be gone (and I love that car). Every time I think about buying something, I can remind myself about the stress of looking at our debt, worrying about our budget, and having that load finally gone.

Perhaps a weekly blog – things I didn’t buy. If I keep track of all the things I thought of taking up to the cash and instead put back, maybe that will remind me that there are so many things I don’t need.

Not a shopping embargo, just a lesson learned.

ETA: I created a board on Pinterest to pin things I did not buy

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