This week starting off in a not so great way. After a pretty good weekend – beautiful Saturday, productive, chore filled holiday Monday – I had to stay home with the baby on Tuesday, which meant I was missing an eventful day at work. I was also experiencing quite a bit of tooth pain, which led to taking Wednesday off work to go to the dentist to find out that I have an infection and need a root canal.

Root canal scheduled and antibiotics acquired I thought things would be getting back to normal. Back to work, baby back to daycare, tooth problem settled for the time being.

And then last night, when the baby was finally asleep and Joe was home from his day trip to Toronto, and we were going to get a little snack and finally have time together, so I started walking down the stairs.

This trip down the stairs ended about three stairs in when the shooting pain in my neck and shoulder forced me to sit and call out for Joe until he could hear my meek cry. Thus began a short phone call to Telehealth Ontario and a nurse who advised me to go to the ER. So off we went, after enlisted a very good friend to sit in the house in case the baby woke up.

When I got in to see the doctor around midnight he was very quick – knew right away what I was talking about, in fact he told me he had experienced the same thing. I left with a prescription for Valium – which scares me a bit – and a recommendation for Advil and massage therapy.

As it stands right now, I can’t turn too far in either direction, I can’t straighten my neck, most movement causes a shock of pain in my shoulder blade.

Things can only get better from here.

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