I am a list maker.

When I was going away to university, I started packing in June. From June to September I packed and re-packed, and edited and re-packed.

When I was pregnant, we started collecting the ‘necessities’ right away, and I tried to learn everything I could about supplies and toys and furniture. We sat down with friends because I was panicking trying to make a budget and figuring out how many diapers we would go through in a week.

Actually, I still don’t really know the number.

The things I couldn’t plan, like how big she would be and what size of clothing that would mean, whether she would prefer a vibrating chair or a bouncy one, the day she would actually arrive, drove me crazy.

Of course, being two weeks late and induced also drove me crazy, but I digress…

We did the pre-natal class, we learned everything we could, we went to the hospital with the car seat and baby clothes and hats, extra diapers, extra everything.

We had the baby, we stayed the night in the hospital, we got her in the car seat, had the nurse check her, we were ready to go home, where her crib was waiting in our bedroom.

Joe took the suitcase down to the car and came back for the two of us. We both wanted coffee, so we agreed that the baby and I would stop and Tim Hortons on the way out of the hospital while he went to bring the car around to the door so I wouldn’t have to walk through the parking lot 12 hours after giving birth.

And then I lined up at Tims, I ordered my two coffees, and I realized that I had two hands, two hot coffees, and a carseat to carry.

Bad planning.

I should have realized right then and there that parenting is never simple, and it’s to forget sometimes.

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