People who have known me for a long time might note that my confidence level has gone up since Joe and I started dating, got married and even more since we had the baby. After struggling for a long time with who I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to do and whether any of it would ever actually mean anything, I have arrived at a good place.

Here we are, a family, with a nice house, a good dog, a few struggles, but overall a very good life with good support.

I credit Joe with a lot of this because he helps me to feel comfortable around other people. Opinions don’t matter so much any more now that I have so much love at home. He convinced me to love him, convinced me to get married, convinced me to become a mother. Now I’m 30 and I finally kind of like myself.

One of the other things he’s managed to convince me is that I’m smart enough and skilled enough to seize opportunities when they present themselves. So here we go again…

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