Once the campaign ended and I stopped living the campaign life (work, sleep, repeat) I suddenly had much more time to think about things. Many many things.

In slow times at work I had written lists of what to accomplish in my time off after the campaign – things beyond ‘catch up on sleep’ and ‘don’t think about politics.’

One of the things is to think about this space and what I do here and whether anything should change. I like my blog. I blog for me, and I sometimes try to have conversations with other bloggers that I read.

There are things that I feel as though I can’t touch on here any more because things are changing for me professionally. There are issues I would like to be a voice for, like mental health issues and PPD in particular.

I want to experience the things like Blissdom and Blogher, but to get there I’m going to have to consider monetization, and I really have no clue what that would even mean for me – or how I would feel about sharing my personal thoughts with companies and advertisers.

The fact is that things are changing, I’m changing, my voice is changing and I want to grow here. I want to share it all. I want to meet new people and have new conversations.

I want back into this community that I missed so much while I was gone.

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