Yesterday I reached a moment when I was so happy I could cry. I spent the day with my daughter, my husband and my mother. We went to get groceries and other necessities, we bought the baby girl a new sand and water table that she seems to like, we bought some plants and spent the afternoon in the back garden with the puppy, who loves the sunshine.

In the evening, before putting the baby to bed, we went for a walk to the park behind our house where she laughed on the swing and slid down the slide.

She is so hard to handle sometimes, she is so curious and so active. It’s tiring. She wants to go this way and that, she wants to explore, she wants to do something again and again.

Yesterday I napped, she didn’t. She threw a few small tantrums, cried when I wouldn’t let her get her way, but she was all in all fine. She was happy, just like she almost always is, and she makes me so, so happy.

I cannot believe the overwhelming love. Sometimes it just hits me, how lovely she is, what a good family I have, how beautiful our home is and how lucky I somehow got.

I think to myself that I was ready to die 15 years ago, but then she wouldn’t exist, and she is a gift to the world.

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