The baby girl has always been a babbler. I used to put her in her playard and she would just lie there babbling. It seemed clear that she was talking in a language that I just didn’t understand. It sounded like she was forming sentences.

Now she’s 15 months old, going on 16 months, and she still babbles a lot. She wakes up talking, talks during car rides and during meals, but now it’s different.

More and more words that we understand are sneaking in. She wakes up in the morning and calls for mommy or daddy, she talks to the puppy, she asks for a bottle or water or apples (which I think defines all food at this point). She loves her bath and her books, and apparently also Cookie Monster – not sure where that came from, we favour Grover in our house.

She goes to look for her shoes and socks – she loves putting her shoes and socks on in the house but not so fond of wearing them in the car. She kind of, sort of says thank you.

Something wonderful that we think she picked up at daycare – if you say one there is a very clear response: “two.” If you say three and four you might get a five, though we need to work on the in between numbers. The other day I swear I was holding a crayon and she said ‘yellow’ or more specifically ‘lellow.’

And she is oh so very fond of the word no. Even though she learned yes first and still uses that occasionally, often with a nod of her head, more often we get the shake and “no.”

She has a strong personality. We sort of knew she would, and I’m glad for it. It will make things a bit more difficult for us sometimes – like when she sees something she wants to look at and dead-weights before trying to crawl back to it and I have to pick her up, or when we try to put her to sleep and she still wants to run around or play with her books and it results in tears and multiple attempts, or when she doesn’t feel like eating what we give her and she throws it on the floor while staring us straight in the eye.

She will be a strong woman, and I expect nothing less. The rest I’ll deal with… with my strong personality.

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