I got a phone call yesterday. My mother called to ask me if it was okay if she visited us for Mother’s Day.

I know the reason for this visit is that she hasn’t seen the Baby Girl since October and she misses her terribly. One of the things I never understood until I had my child was how much my mother must love me – I can’t imagine how much she loves my daughter.

Three years ago, right after Joe and I got married, my mother – newly retired – moved to Saskatchewan. It was home to her. Where my grandmother was from – and where we spread her ashes. It’s where my mother remembers her childhood and where all her cousins were.

I was sad to see her go, but no more than when Maggie was born. My mother had come for two weeks, and then extended her stay and only managed to see the baby for one day. We brought her home on Thursday and mom flew out Friday morning.

Since then she’s seen her twice – once in the summer when she was six months, and once in October when she was almost 10 months. Since then she’s started walking, kind of talking, she gives hugs and kisses.

Her paternal grandparents were here last week and fell in love with her all over again.

I’ve said before that there is something quite special seeing other people love someone that you love so much. There is something even more special in knowing that the person who raised you thinks you’re a good mother.

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