I work in politics. My family talks politics. I have long been interested in politics and it drives me particularly crazy when people don’t care or don’t think their voice matters.

Everyone’s voice matters, if you speak when you have the opportunity.

I work in politics and I am a proud member of the mommy community online. I have met so many great women. Strong women with opinions to share and advice to give.

I am so happy to see the #momthevote movement gaining voices. There is nothing more important than showing our kids that we can have a say in the direction our country takes. I have already taken my daughter to vote with me and as she gets older I will explain what I’m doing. I will share my views when she asks me questions.

Right now I’m working through the campaign, so I don’t really have time to take part in the #momthevote conversations, but I just happy to know that the conversation is happening.

Two more weeks to the vote.

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