To say the last two weeks have been hectic is putting it rather mildly. I was busy at work and Joe was travelling back and forth to Toronto which meant I was on daycare duty for a few days.

I was happy most days to get everyone fed and dressed and safely home at the end of the day. This weekend I was completely exhausted. I took three naps on Sunday and I was still tired. I desperately wanted to get on the treadmill but I couldn’t find the energy. I feel as though I’ve lost all the momentum I had developed. I was managing well and now I’ve crashed and burned.

I know that not getting my exercise means I have less energy. I know that I’m not eating as well as I should to maintain energy through the day – some days I can actually feel my blood sugar crashing. I know I’m doing it all wrong right now and I need to refresh to feel good again, but I haven’t been able to push myself that far in days.

I’m tired of mood swings and I’m tired of feeling a step behind so what’s stopping me?

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