I have anger this morning. Many people in my city are feeling emotional today.

Our hockey team sucks, and people have been talking for weeks – if not months – about blowing it up and starting over. Yesterday our GM started the process by trading one Mike Fisher to Nashville. The GM has said he didn’t really want to give Fisher up and Fisher has said he loves Ottawa and he would have preferred to stay here.


Fisher is married to one Carrie Underwood who happens to call Nashville home. Fisher had indicated that if he had to go, he would prefer LA or Nashville.

So you’ve got a good guy that has done a lot in his years year, going to a city that he said he would like if he had to go somewhere, his wife who said many good things about Ottawa during their relationship…

And everyone is pouring the hate on her.

People are calling her Yoko Ono – which is offensive to two women, not just one. One of the local radio stations has banned her music, people are cracking jokes about Mike Fisher being whipped or about who wears the pants in that relationship.

Keeping in mind that neither one of them ever mentioned any desire to have him leave Ottawa.

I am so beyond offended at the reaction to this trade that I don’t even really know how to express it. Seriously people? You’ve all been talking about the fact that the whole team needs to get shipped out and we need to start over, the first to go is one of the nicest, classiest guys on the team who also happens to be sad to be leaving, and your first reaction is not to thank him for his dedication and hard work and wish him well, but is anger at his wife?

Grow up.

ETA: The guy took our a friggin’ full page ad in the local paper to thank all the fans. Seriously.

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