I don’t usually take part in the┬ávarious writing prompts that I see in my RSS feeds, I write what I write when I feel it. Today I fell on Sara’s blog, with the writing prompt that she was using and it caught my attention right away: Describe the last thing that made you laugh really hard.

That thought, that idea brought me right back to last night, after dinner and moving into bed time. Me and my kid.

I cleaned her off and set her loose from her high chair, I sat on the floor and we played together. When Daddy decided it was time to start getting ready for bed, I undressed her, right in the living room – partly because I wanted to throw the laundry right downstairs and partly because I like to let her skin breath every once in a while. She ran around the living room naked and screeched with laughter, and we laughed along with her. Together, the three of us made our way upstairs.

Joe put her on the change table to get her pajamas on and I stood by her head. Everything I did was the most hilarious thing ever. Her laughter bounced off the walls and the ceiling. It is a beautiful sound and you can not hear it without the joy overtaking you. So the three of us laughed together.

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