I’ve been having a really great time being back at work. I’m challenged, I’m happy, I’m busy doing things I enjoy doing. I look forward to going to work, I look forward to being at work, I like talking about work. I’m getting great opportunities in my day to day job and outside the normal grind and I’m very excited about the potential of the profile I’m building.

But it’s been getting harder last week and things will be getting busier this week. Currently our darling daughter is growing somewhere between two and four teeth and she’s having a rather hard time of it – meaning, she’s been waking up during the night and when she does wake up it’s hard to get her back to sleep.

Neither Joe nor I operates very well on little sleep. I was doing alright when I could nap during the day while the baby napped, but I don’t have that option anymore. Last night, around midnight, while I was rocking the baby girl and trying to coax her back to sleep I was fighting sleep as well. I could barely keep my eyes open and waking up this morning took longer than it usually does. It sound funny to say that these sleepless nights are hard on us because our daughter has been a good sleeper from birth. Well, from her third day – the first night in the hospital was horrible and the second night was a complete nightmare. Actually on her third day she slept way too long because she was so jaundiced, so let’s go with fourth day. She has been a great sleeper from her fourth day.

I’m finding a lot of things easier than I thought I would, but there are things that I didn’t even think about that have become more complicated. If I need to get to the doctor or the dentist, if Joe has to travel for work, if one thing in our routine doesn’t work, everything gets confusing.

It’s frustrating because everything is so smooth most of the time and I can’t yet figure out the best way to deal with the hiccups. I think we just have to take a step back and plan ahead.

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