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January 28th, 2011 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

I got the chance (finally) a few nights ago to attend one of Ottawa’s Girl Geek Dinners. It’s an event that I’ve been hearing about for a while, but that I had never been able to attend before. I was excited that my schedule was clear particularly because the topic was about life balance – they had a panel of women who have been very successful in their career paths who could tell us how they got where they are and how they approach their careers.

I am a person who loves working, and I love the work I’m doing right now. I also love my daughter, and I happen to think that my daughter deserves a happy, fulfilled mother who has work she loves doing.

I felt inspired by all of these women who have created full lives, had children and great careers in fields they fell into. Every woman on the panel had started out thinking in one direction and ended up happy in a different place.

These women had great things to say, a lot of which I want to remember:

“Being fascinated and interested in the work you’re doing is how you can work your way to the top.”

Being open to trying different things can lead to a great career path.”

Mentors can be a boost in your career path – seeing things you might not have thought of.”

Great management style – step out of the way and be there when people need help.”

Sometimes you can do something better by stepping outside your zone.”

Be honest, don’t pretend to know what you don’t.”

You don’t have to be liked if you’re confident you’re making the right decisions.”

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