One of my biggest challenges with food, all my life, has been eating breakfast. I have a tendency to sleep as late as possible and that often prevented me from stopping for breakfast. Combined with the fact that when I was a kid I often felt nauseous in the mornings. (I was a pretty big mess in high school – I had stress headaches and the pills I took for those gave me stomach issues, and I was on medication for that, eventually I was checked for ulcers, I had a CT Scan at one point – strangely enough when I went off all the medication I felt much better).

Since I started working the biggest thing has been time. I start work early, and I have to be out of the house to catch my bus at 6:30. It was hard getting something together for breakfast either at home or at work, and by the time I remembered that I hadn’t eaten, it always made more sense to just wait for lunch.

When I was pregnant, Joe made sure I always left the house with something for my breakfast, and I knew that snacking all day was the best thing to battle my morning sickness.

When I was first home on my leave, I would often pour myself a bowl of cereal and not be able to eat it before it went soggy because suddenly the baby would need me. Once she started eating solids, I had the chance to sit with her, give her breakfast, and have mine at the same time. It actually became one of my favourite parts of the day.

Now we’re getting ready to start a new routine, and we need to make sure everybody has had a good breakfast when they leave in the morning.

Easy enough, right?

It sounds easy, but we’ll see.

The Baby Girl is a good eater, but not necessarily very quick about it. Joe can make himself a good, quick breakfast, but he doesn’t think about it every day and sometimes he’ll leave the house without having eaten or grabbed anything.

So, we need to make sure we plan, and we need to make sure we time things out right. We also need to make sure each evening that everything is set for the year before so we aren’t wasting time we have for breakfast stocking bags or trying to figure out what to take for lunch.

What do you do for a quick, healthy breakfast?

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