Today I, once again, spent most of the day in bed after, once again, being up most of the night coughing.

I feel tired – my whole body is tired. There is so much I want to be doing, so much to take care of, and I can’t handle any of it.

I’m angry, I want to cry, I want to just get better already.

I feel as though I’ve been completely knocked off my game, and I’ve done the sick thing and it needs to be over. Now.

I want the cough to be gone, and I want my energy to come back enough that I can get some exercise, or at least spend a day out of bed. I want my ears to finally pop and for the pain to go away. I want my eyes to stop itching and I want all the congestion to disappear.

I want to have the opportunity to make myself feel a little more prepared for the weeks to come.

I’ve been taken out of the game and I’m not handling it well because the timing is really phenomenally bad. I’ve been taking out of my life and away from my family at one of the worst possible times and I don’t know how to handle it.

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