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The grammarian in me says ‘Creative’

November 14th, 2010 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

Sara from My Points of View today had some very kind words for me and also passed along a Kreativ Blogger award. Sara is a person that I got to know over Twitter, through her blog and in person and I am always happy to see her (and her kids, who are awesome). Sara is the kind of person that I really, really want to be friends with, so knowing that she enjoys reading what I have to say is pretty cool, to put it mildly.

There are rules for the Kreativ Blogger award:

1) Thank the person that gave you the award

See above

2) Copy the logo and paste it in your blog

See above

3) Link to the person who has nominated you for the award

Yeah, above

4) Name 7 things about you that people might find interesting

  • My kneecaps are in the wrong place. Seriously, they’re too high, which is why my knees sometimes give out on my and why they crack whenever I bend down – which use to make people who had lockers near me turn around and say “Are you okay?!”
  • I love a good bad pun or a terrible joke. Joe says one of the reasons he loves me is that I can get myself into hysterics with my own jokes. Bad puns run in my family.
  • At my wedding we had play-by-play and colour. It was awesome and I really regret not setting up something that could record it.
  • I have two spleens. My doctor mentioned this in passing after I had an ultrasound when I was a teenager. My sister thinks it’s hilarious and my husband demands to know how I can feel good having two spleens when Peter Forsberg doesn’t have one at all.
  • When I was a kid hamsters were my pet of choice. I had between 10 and 15 while I was growing up. They have a very short life span.
  • My dog’s full name is Chancellor Heinrich von Fluffenstein Puppyface.
  • I have tried to leave Ottawa five times, I always end up coming back.

5) Name 7 other Kreativ Bloggers and 6) Link to the blogs you nominate

Laurie at Not Just About Cancer was one of the first people I connected to on Twitter. I started following her because she’s a fellow knitter and soon came to realize that we had a lot more in common. I love reading about her kids, who seem like the types of people I want to take over the world, I love reading about her projects, and she’s taught me a lot about a lot.

Two people that I’m just getting to know on and offline are Sasha from The Rambling Stroller and Jennie from Really Jennie. Two people who, like Sara, I immediately took a liking to and I love that their blogs help me learn more about them as we try to connect.

Cori from Quirky Cori is someone I talk to a lot on Twitter and have a lot in common with and I’m not even really sure how we first connected. Cori is a lot like me as a blogger – she tried to write a personal blog, but then there’s an issue she just can’t not voice her opinion about.

Finola from Finola’s Blog has already received a Kreativ Bloggers award, but I like her a lot and I want to give her one too. So there.

Christine from Coffees & Commutes writes beautifully and honestly and she’s going through struggles that I expect to face in the future and so I read her blog with interest and I tried to send her as much love and positivity as I can while I take in her words. I hope she feels the support.

Lauren at A fate of possibilities is a former co-worker of mine who has just gotten married and moved back to England after several years in Canada. Her post about her grandmother was incredible touching and her stories about her Canadian husband adjusting to the British ways of doing things are hilarious.

I’m not sure I’ve done any of these blogs justice, but that why the links are there. Read them.

And now I look forward to seeing who they link to as the blogs they read and love, so that I can love them too.

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