Yesterday evening I showed up to my first Booty Camp class to be weighed and measured (and to find out that I currently have 38 per cent body fat… Ick ick double ick).

I showed up half an hour early for the assessment and there were a handful of other women there, some new to the class and some who had clearly been there before. This was the first thing I was unprepared for. I thought the whole class would be starting together.

I also didn’t expect to feel like the fattest, most unfit person there. Once the class started I was pretty sure that feeling was right on the money.

I sort of expected that the class was more for women like me, trying to kick start their fitness. These women were not what I expected. Many of them were slim, a few were quite obviously fit – including the one that spent our rest times not resting at all.

I felt more out of place than I thought I would.

By the end of the class I was red in the face, sweating, and determined. I made it through. I didn’t complete all the exercises but I kept pushing. At one point I thought was going to be sick, and I did spend time looking at the clock. But I made it through.

I’ll be damned if I’m the one in my group of friends who quits (that’s right Lara, Anna, Vicky, and Sara).

I’ll be damned if by the end of four weeks I’m not under 200 lbs and feeling much more stable in my squats.

I’m also going to be exercising in between classes, and I plan to do some yoga to keep myself a bit more loose. I think it will help.

There are also a few things I’m going to do different next class: I’m going to wear different pants, since mine were falling down during jumping jacks and that made it difficult to concentrate; I’m going to put my yoga mat down wherever I’m going to be attempting push-ups because the wood floor was doing a number on my bad knees; I’m going to wear a looser top so I don’t feel so self conscious surrounded by mirrors.

On Monday, I will be more prepared for what the class is, and I will be more prepared to make my way through it. Assuming my quads stop hurting by then.

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