While we’re on the subject of me needing support and advice: Help.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m going back to work soon. We’re looking for daycare (lord help us) and we have a basic plan in place – I will bus to and from work while Joe takes the car and drops the baby girl off and picks her up.

As for getting all of us ready in the morning, trying to feed everyone for the day, trying to keep the budget under control, trying to keep the house clean, trying to be active and have time together as a family.

And trying not to go crazy.

How do you moms, the amazing moms I talk to online all the time, how do you stay organized?

Right now my memory is shot. I’m trying to write everything down on our wall calendar and send Joe invitations to appointments in our google calendars, but using that system I nearly missed the baby’s nine month check-up. I’m trying to keep lists and email myself my to-dos, but things can easily be forgotten and then all you have is this nagging feeling.

I don’t mind being busy, as long as I know that I’m where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there and that I’ve brought everything with me that I’ll need.

I’m up for anything – iPhone apps, desktop apps, paper notebooks and calendars – what do you use to ease the burden on your brain?

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