During the She’s Connected conference I had my make-up done. It was the fourth time in my life I’ve done that, if you count the trial before the wedding as well as the wedding itself. Every time I have tried to remember what they were doing so that I could be more comfortable trying to do make-up at home, and every time I lose confidence. I’m always concerned that something is off, there’s too much blush or the make-up is too obvious. I feel conspicuous.

When the woman from Bourjois finished with me last week I felt good. I felt as though I didn’t look much different, but I did look better. Polished.

After She’s Connected I bought some make-up and I tried it and I felt good. One of the things I’ve always struggled with is knowing which colours and how much of what to put on in what order. The woman from Bourjois made me a list, and I felt comfortable with all the colours I was using. (I also tweeted a picture of myself and asked for confirmation that I didn’t look like a fool).

I know now, approaching 30, that make-up helps make me look more polished, more put together, less tired…

It’s something I needed to learn at this point in my life. I am a wife and a mother, I am a professional trying to move up in the world, I am a grown up after all.

I’ve been focussing on clothes, I’m comfortable with my style, though I need to make sure I look comfortable when I dress up, but as I lose weight I will be more comfortable in more clothing. And it’s unlikely at this point that I will ever lose the opinion that Converse sneakers can look dressy.

There is a median, and I will make it there.

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