I am still amazed at just how much I love my daughter. It boggles my mind that she could be so small and so big at the same time. She is so important and I can’t spend a minute without thinking of her. I often need a break from her, but when I’m not with her I want to be and when I’m not holding her I want to be.

It sometimes enters my mind that I love her so much it’s not possible that anyone could love her more.

And then I see her with her daddy. She is always excited to see him and he her. When he’s having a bad day, all it takes is a peek at her on the video chat. Joe always, always knew he wanted to be a dad and our baby girl is everything he expected and more. And together we are a family full of love.

And then I see her with her grandparents. They dote on her and hug her and kiss her. They talk to her and encourage her. They ask about her, demand pictures and updates, and make trips just to see her. They surround her with love and support.

And then I see her with our friends. They joke with her and compliment her, they play with her and support us in taking care of her.

My baby girl is surrounded by people who adore her and adore us. She is surrounded by people who can help her learn about the beauty of the world and everything in it. She is surrounded by people who want to share with her and guide her.

I love her enough to welcome all these people into her world when part of me wants to protect her and keep her to myself. I love her enough to let her run free when she wants to and ask the questions she needs to. I love her enough to understand that I can’t always be the one.

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