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I’ve told other moms that I know that without Twitter my journey into motherhood would have been much, much different. In fact, I think that without my online world my PPD would have been that much worse.

How did Twitter, and in fact other forms of social media like Facebook and blogs, change my life so much for the better? I have constant contact with sympathetic ears. I am within easy reach of great resources. I have met so many people that I may never have run into without meeting their online personas first. I have met women and men who understand the absolute love I feel, even when all I want is for the baby to go to sleep already.

I’ve met other moms that understand why I love being at home, and why I’m kind of excited to go back to work.

I have magically connected with women in my community who don’t judge me. Going into this motherhood thing, that was one fear I had – that other mothers would judge me because I was never sure I wanted to be a mom and I didn’t prepare for the life change that would eventually happen. I have connected with other moms who hadn’t ever held a newborn until someone handed them their own.

And I treasure these women.

From the mother who showed up on my doorstep in the midst of my post-natal panic offering a breast pump, to the mothers who started a blog for people like me and invited me to playdates so I could see that it’s not such a scary world after all; from the mothers of older kids who can remember when they were who I am now and can offer advice without force, to the mothers who have offered their own teenage daughters as babysitters if we ever need a break – and the whole community reminding us that we shouldn’t feel guilty for needing a break.

When I posted about our issues with sleep – that we were rocking the baby for two hours before she would fall asleep and there would often be tears – I got advice from all corners. What I love most about this result was that none of these people were forceful about it, they merely pointed me towards a book or tactic and said “it worked for us, that’s all I know.”

I love that I get to learn a little bit more about these people, that I get to share a little more in common with them, and that they care enough to offer help.

Twitter has taught me that I’m not going through anything that no one else has experienced, that the people I connect myself with empathize and want to help, and that all the things I was so scared of aren’t so scary when you’ve got back-up.

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