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September 3rd, 2010 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

I love being a mother. Last night I had maybe 5 hours sleep, and as I sit here with a big cup of coffee and I look over at her and it’s possible I feel even more love. I love spending time with her, I love teaching her new things, I love that our schedule is completely open right now so I can take her to the park or to a movie or go for a drive just because that’s what we want to do that day.


I love to work. I love being busy. I don’t handle boredom well. I’m happiest when I have many things on my plate.

Right now I’m on maternity leave, and while the baby keeps me busy (more so now that she’s mobile), she doesn’t challenge my brain that often. She challenges my reflexes, but not my brain.

This is why I blog (more and more often, it seems), this is why I’m thrilled to get out for playdates with the Kids in the Capital group – conversations with adults! – this is why I try to meet up with friends for knitting, this is why I take books out for myself when we’re at the library.

And this is why, when my husband comes up with ideas, I push him along, and when he comes up with what I think are good ideas, I push to make them happen.

He had one such idea last week, and I’m going to make it happen. I bought some new office supplies to help keep me organized, I’m starting to make contacts, and soon we will build the website and set things in motion for something that could be really exciting, could help a lot of people, and could be very good to add to my resume.

I’m excited that we could be starting something good here, that’s fun for a lot of people and could turn into an annual event that benefits my community.

I’m also excited to have something to occupy my mind. Brainstorming is something I can easily do while taking care of the kid. Making contacts with her by my side playing is easily done by email and Twitter. Not letting myself go insane is priceless.

Details soon.

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