I look at you sometimes and wonder if you will always smile after you sneeze. I don’t know what it is about the experience that you find so pleasurable, but it makes me laugh.

It is one of the many things I try to make note of and remember because you’re already changing so much and I know it’s not going to stop.

This morning we went shopping because suddenly you’ve grown out of all your pants. Of course, we knew you’d be tall. What I didn’t know is that you would be so entertaining. I had no idea you would love attention this much. You smile at everyone and smile even bigger when they stop to pay attention to you. They compliment your eyes and your hair and your smile and they get an even bigger smile.

Now you’ve learned to say ‘Hi’ and you’re delighted when people say ‘Hi’ back. You delight them.

When you get really excited you wave both arms and both legs as though you just can’t contain yourself.

You grab at everything and everything you grab goes right into your mouth. Including shoes.

You love the dog. You reach out to him and pat him, grab his fur. You laugh when he walks by. You lean out of your stroller to watch him when we go on walks. He doesn’t know what to make of you, but soon enough you’ll be best friends. And you’ll try to dress him up. And we’ll try to stop you, but he’ll play along. I’m convinced you’re trying to say his name.

When you laugh I honestly believe there can be no better sound in the world. I hope you have a lot of reasons to keep laughing.

I never realized how proud I could be of you this early in your life. You’re excelling. Your growth is off the charts, you’re a good sleeper and a good eater, you were crawling early and pulling yourself up early and I fully expect you to start walking before we’re ready for it. You’re like me, you get frustrated when you can’t do things. Once you learn to control that frustration it will serve you well.

You never stop moving, not even in your sleep. You bounce and crawl and squirm. You try to escape from high chairs, strollers, anything that we strap you in to. You just don’t stop.

I hope you never lose your curiosity and fearlessness, but I do hope you get a bit smarter about it. Your Daddy and I are both clumsy and I imagine you’ll break a few bones while you grow up, so be careful or I’m going to start putting a helmet on you. Getting scrapes and scars is part of childhood, but I need you to be safe because I don’t know what we would do without you.

Now that you’re here I need to see what you turn in to. I’m really curious, because I think it could be pretty much anything.

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