The last time I was really successful at losing weight was before my wedding. I had a definite goal and I didn’t meet it, but I did pretty well. I was exercising some and eating a lot better.

I look back on this experience and I’m proud of myself, and it makes me wonder if the thing I need to really get myself motivated is a definite timeline and a definite goal. Though for the wedding I was 15 lbs short of my 50 lb goal, I think this time I’m being more reasonable.

I want to lose 30 lbs by the time I go to Blissdom Canada.

I want to go to the cocktail parties and karaoke sessions wearing a great dress and feeling good about myself. I want to move forward on my weight loss journey, for lack of a better term. I think knowing that by the end of October I want to be stronger, healthier, feeling better, and fitting in to all the clothes I miss terribly.

I’m taking a bit of a leap going to this event, throwing myself into a hotel full of strangers and online friends, and I want to feel as confident as I can force myself to feel.

I also want to announce my goal so that maybe a few of the people I see at Blissdom will hold me accountable – ask me how I did, how many pounds did I get to? how many inches did I lose? how much better do I feel about myself? how much healthier do I feel? how much better am I keeping up with my then 10 month old daughter?

I’m also announcing it here, because I wouldn’t mind hearing about other people who are setting Blissdom as the deadline for their own goals or who have started working towards their goals and have some tips for keeping on track.

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