Today marks six months since the earthquake in Haiti. It is an event that may have change the world, an event that is still causing major problems for many, many people and the one event over the past two years that I did not watch moment to moment on the news, because when it happened and when reporters were rushing in to cover the carnage, I was in labour.

Tomorrow is my baby girl’s six month birthday, even though I don’t actually believe it. People always tell you to remember it all because it goes by so quickly. They don’t tell you that your memory goes pretty quickly after you had kids (what did I come into this room for?).

She’s six months old. She can move on her own (she’s not crawling yet, but she can roll and rotate so she can get almost anywhere she wants to), she can grab on to things (like mommy’s hair, yay!), and she’s got two sharp little teeth popping out of her gums. She’s tall, she’s heavy, (she’s in something like the 90th percentile for height and weight) she’s outgrowing things left and right. We seem to have gone from three dresser drawers full of things she didn’t fit into, to taking an emergency shopping trip last week to get things that are long enough for her.

She’s started making real sounds and she seems to surprise us every day.

She’s me baby girl and she’s halfway to one.

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