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Joe is right

July 7th, 2010 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

He tells me how much change he’s seen in me over the past few years, and he’s right.

Tonight I went to Blog Out Loud Ottawa by myself. I met people there I had met before and introduced myself to people I had only met through Twitter. It was something I never would have done a year ago.

I’m considering a move at work – well, I’m asking people whether I should consider a move at work. A move I never would have even thought about thinking about two years ago.

Yesterday I went on a play date. I met a few moms and their kids in the park and we chatted and played with each others’ babies and shared and I had a great time. Never did it cross my mind that I didn’t belong there or that they didn’t really want me there. I never expected to feel comfortable hanging out with a bunch of other moms and babies, but I almost feel most comfortable in those situations.

I get on Twitter and I’m no longer afraid that I’m butting in to a conversation if I have something to offer, I comment on blogs instead of staying silent because I want to communicate that all these people write things that I find interesting and helpful.

I’m a new person, and I’m not entirely sure what happened. I got a job that I’m good at, I married a man who loves me, I became a mom and I want to be an example, I’ve worked myself into a few communities online and all of these things have combined to create this little bit of confidence. I’ve also lost a little bit of fear is sharing myself, because my experiences can be helpful to someone else, just like other people have experiences that I find helpful. Everything that’s happening to me has happened to someone else, and will happen to even more people and I can share and learn and grow.

I always felt as though I’d been born in the wrong decade, but now I know the internet, the rise of the blog and Twitter has changed me and my life for the better.

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