I’m spending this year at home to help my baby develop. To educate her. To make sure she is set on a good path.

I also want to spend some time learning myself.

Last weekend, Joe and I met an old friend of his for coffee. Kim has undertaken a photography project and we became some of her subjects. While talking to Kim about her work life and the travels she’s taken since she and Joe graduated university together, I felt something that I have felt before. Something that being around my coworkers makes me feel often. I want a Masters degree. I want more education. I want to know more. I’ve always wanted to know more. I want to have answers I need, I want to understand things that are happening around me better because I know the way the system works.

Sadly I don’t have the time, money or – because of my dedication to the job I had while in university – the grades to actually undertake a Masters.

But I do have a library card.

I also have someone that will benefit from being read to.

And so I am going to start studying. Politics, research methods, history, procedure, French. Anything I feel like and anything I think will benefit me along my career path. We’ve already started reading Pride and Prejudice and I have a pile of other classics that I’ve never had the chance to read.

We are taking the opportunity afforded us. I will go back to work better than I am now in more way than one.

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