Yesterday afternoon we had an accident here at the house that has kicked the confidence I was feeling down a few pegs and shook me up a bit.

I was sitting on the couch with my feet up and the baby lying in my lap, drifting off to sleep. Joe was arriving home from work and the dog got excited as usual. He started running around the house barking. I was worried he would wake the baby up, buy otherwise nonplussed. And then Henry decided to just into my lap.

It only took a split second, I didn’t see it coming and I couldn’t react. In a mere moment he was on top of her and off of her and all I could so was gasp.

She started crying immediately, out of shock rather than any pain, though we wouldn’t figure that out until later. I couldn’t panic or cry in that moment because first I had to calm her down and make sure she was alright.

She cried until she was red in the face and sweating. She cried so hard actual tears formed and rolled down her cheeks. She cried and cried and couldn’t seem to stop herself, and then we would get her calmed down a bit, but as soon as we moved her she would start right up again, increasing my fear that she was bruised or broken.

Joe decided to take her out for a drive to see if she would fall asleep and I had half an hour alone to think about how I would feel if my failure to react quickly enough had caused her pain.

Today I look at the scratch he left behind on her face, mere millimetres from her right eye, and shudder to think what almost happened.

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