I’m thinking a lot about my wardrobe – what I wear now, what I want to be able to wear and what I want to have in my closet when I get ready to go back to work.

For years I have avoided making major changes in my wardrobe because I’ve been comfortable, and I’ve never really been pushed out of my comfort zone. The jobs I’ve had have all allowed for fairly casual dress and I’ve taken advantage of that, and the casual dress only became more pronounced when I was pregnant and trying to avoid buying too many maternity clothes.

Now I have a child, and I’m building a career and making connections, and I need to up the ante. I need to remind myself what looks good on my shape, what I’m actually really inclined to wear, and how I can dress my age. And I’m also driven by the fact that right now I only have a few things that fit and I’m living in sweatpants and jeans, but last week when the weather was beautiful I put on a jean skirt and collared shirt and felt great walking around in the sunshine.

And so, I have started looking around for key pieces that I want to have in my wardrobe so that I can feel that good getting dressed every day:

1) A good white dress shirt – I think this is a must-have basic. I can wear it with dress pants or jeans, I can wear a sweater vest over it, which is one of my favourite looks. One of my problems with ‘business’ dressing is that I hate tucking my shirt in, but that, along with ironing, is something I may just have to start doing.

2) A great wrap dress – I have been looking for a wrap dress for years. It’s something that I know will look good on me, I know it will be comfortable and I know I will wear it often, I just haven’t been able to find one. It occurred to me this weekend that Etsy.com is exactly what I need. I looked up wrap dresses on Etsy and found two that I would love to order, and they’ll be made with my measurements so I know they’ll fit. One of them is made with jersey, which is probably my favourite fabric in the world. I am very excited about this dress.

3) Black dress pants – I am constantly looking for the perfect pair of pants. Part of the problem is that my weight goes up and down and even when I find pants that I like, they always end up not fitting quite right. It drives me crazy that I spend so much time adjusting myself and I know that it makes me look uncomfortable.

4) A great white t-shirt – I also spend a lot of time looking for the perfect white t-shirt. It has to be comfortable, have a good neckline, be long enough and, most importantly, not be see-through. Seriously. I cannot believe how many store sell white t-shirts that you have to wear with something under them. How hard is it to make a white t-shirt with fabric that isn’t see-through?

5) Good foundation garments – I’m too old to be dealing with panty lines and bulges where they don’t need to be. I need a lesson on how to dress myself underneath my clothes so that the clothes I do have look good.

Things I have already:

1) Great shoes – Last year I bought a great pair of loafers and a pair of grey heels that I absolutely love. I also have a pair of purple heels that I absolutely adore. I still can’t believe how comfortable they are. I also have a pair of high-heeled boots that I love and instantly make me feel more dressed-up.

2) A great shirt-dress. I got this at Addition-Elle last year and I love it. I has a tie around the waist that draws attention to my slimmest part, as Stacey and Clinton recommend. It’s comfortable and I feel great in it.

3) A few good sweaters – I wear a lot of sweaters and cardigans because I’m always worried about being cold. I have some good sweaters, both warmer ones and lighter ones.

Things I need to do:

1) Start ironing – I hate ironing and I’m not good at it, but if I want to look polished, it’s important. Though, @DellaSiemens recommended that I get a steamer instead of ironing, and I’m all for that.

2) Wash things properly – I ruin too many sweaters and bras by not paying attention to the hand-washing instructions.

3) Tuck in my shirts.

4) Get clothes tailored – I’ve never taking clothes to a tailor (except my wedding dress), but I know that to get a good fit it’s something I need to do.

5) Think before I buy – I’m a clothes-horse. It’s something I inherited from my mother, who inherited it from her’s. I like buying clothes and I like having a variety when I get dressed, but I need to start thinking in classics, in pieces that I love, and in pieces that cost a bit more but last a bit longer.

What are your favourite wardrobe staples?

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