This morning I was fascinated to learn that because I am a woman, I’m not interested in blogging. So says a Globe and Mail columnist that clearly failed to do her research and has also never heard of mommybloggers.

She compares blogs to peeing contests and says that women don’t blog because they are more interested in listening than just speaking. Strangely enough, that’s one of the reasons I do blog, and one of the reasons my RSS reader is filled to the brim with other women bloggers who I share conversations with.

Because I am interested in sharing conversations I have started many blogs, this being just the latest, where I have compiled everything. This being the place where I spew my thoughts and ideas in the hopes that people will come here, leave comments, answer my questions and offer suggestions, leave the addresses to their own blogs so I can find new friends and build my knowledge base.

It’s ironic that this article about a lack of female bloggers will create so much response in the blogging world, and it’s a shame that she’ll probably never see the response, because she’s not interested in the conversation.

ETA: There’s a small movement on Twitter to list our favourite female bloggers, you can add yours with the hashtag #xxbloggers

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