About a week ago I sent an email to enroll myself in something, then I was asked to confirm, and last night I was asked to confirm again and provided with an actual day and time.

Last night I replied to an email with the subject line ‘Fresh Meat’

In about a month I will be attending an open house for the local roller derby league.

As I said on Twitter last night, I am trying something that truly terrifies me in the interest of a potentially awesome outcome.

I’m going to be learning to skate and seeing if my interest in becoming a roller derby player (roller derbyist?) translates to any actual ability. I’m going to risk getting hurt in the interest of showing my daughter that being scared of getting hurt shouldn’t never prevent you from doing anything you want to do.

I’ve been terrified of getting hurt most of my life. I’ve also never been part of a team like this, and I’ve never been part of a real group of girls like this. I’ve never roller skated before.

And I’m absolutely terrified and worried about fitting in, and worried about my clumsiness and general lack of athletic capability, but the main thing I’ve been thinking about is what my derby name will be.

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