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Dear Kansas City Star-Telegram: Suck it.

March 1st, 2010 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Canadiana

Earlier tonight I read an article that @KevinGaudet posted on Twitter. Still coming down from the Olympic high, this article made me very, very angry.

Canada came out on top this Olympics. After a tragic start, and criticism from all sides, Vancouver came back with a vengeance and most people seem to agree that the host city did a bang up job.

But this jackass decided to compare the maple leaf to a swastika because he thinks there were too many Canadians in Vancouver. Too many Canadians, too much Canadian patriotism and, frankly, not enough recognition of the accomplishments of American athletes. In this article he complains that the Canadian media were too focused on the Canadian athletes.

I can only point out to Mr. LeBreton that the Canadian media are covering the Olympics for a Canadian audience. The international media, like Mr. LeBreton himself, were sent to Vancouver and Whistler to cover the games for their international audiences. That’s the way this works.

I would also point out that Canadians have experience watching American Olympic coverage, so we know that NBC will often break in to an event when a US athlete is competing, and then move on as soon as they’re done.

One big question I have about the article is where he got this quote from the mayor of Whistler: “We have to find a way to acknowledge Nodar … and the Canadian athletes that have done well.” and what exactly goes where that ellipsis was placed, because according to the Vancouver Sun the mayor said this:

“Over the weekend, Whistler Mayor Ken Melamed promised that when the Celebration Plaza is converted from Olympic and Paralympic use, there will be a permanent memorial to Kumaritashvili and all of the athletes who competed in Whistler in the alpine, nordic and sliding events.”

Not quite as insensitive as Mr. Lebreton would have us believe.

Having read through the comments, I guess the paper realized that the column was not being well received and they printed this follow up in which Mr. Lebreton fails to grasp exactly how we Canadians might have been offended by his saying that we are wrong in our patriotism.

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